VIVALDIANNO RELOADED is a sequel to the very successful music show that conquered international markets and became a global music blockbuster known as the CITY OF MIRRORS. VIVALDIANNO RELOADED surpasses the visual style of its predecessor and also the expectations set  by its creator, the Czech musician and composer Michal Dvořák. It aspires to become the cultural event of the year.

Three years after the launch of VIVALDIANNO world that welcomed over 150.000 spectators in more than thirty capital cities, the acclaimed show re-emerges with a brand new look. "During the past years, the project has shown its potential to address global audience. It blurs distinctions between countries and cultures creating a “borderless show” suitable for every audience. Elements of rock stylistically fused with baroque music supported by visually stunning state-of-the-art technology attract young listeners as well as classical music enthusiasts all-over-the-world. The original story has been technologically and artistically enhanced utilizing latest technology trends and I cannot wait to see audiences react," says Michal Dvořák, the project’s author and producer.

The visual part has undergone a major redesign. Thanks to NMDS PICTURES, who have created the new 3D projections and visuals, VIVALDIANNO RELOADED has become a visual feast. The entire concept is well-rounded and exciting. Lighting design has been intensified by introducing lasers – which enhance the show’s WOW factor. Emphasis is also placed on reflecting the beauty of Baroque, Venice and visualization of music while leaving space for spectator’s imagination. The show is focused on 3D effects, dance elements and interactive projections.

This unique show is a story-telling concert dedicated to Antonio Vivaldi – Genius of the Baroque. The show’s libretto was written by Tomáš Belko, a known Czech writer and playwright who is also the Creative Director of Ogilvy Czech.

One of the best-selling points of VIVALDIANNO RELOADED’s new adaptation is the story-telling. The lead role is narrated by the Hollywood star and former Agent 007 Pierce Brosnan whose voice will be accompanied by other famous actors and actresses. "I met Pierce Brosnan towards the end of last year in Los Angeles where the recording took place. Pierce is a great professional and a very friendly person. He is even considering attending the premiere of the new show in Prague in May, " concludes Michal Dvořák.

VIVALDIANNO RELOADED is starring many renowned Czech and international soloists, namely: the show’s author and producer Michal Dvořák, member of the Czech rock band LUCIE; Jiří Vodička, the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra’s Concertmaster; Terezie Kovalová, popular young Czech cellist, and many others. The show has a powerful art-rock atmosphere thanks to the beautiful mixture of string quartet, electric and acoustic guitars, percussions and ethnic musical instruments.

VIVALDIANNO RELOADED utilizes state-of-the-art lighting and laser technologies. The musical and visual experience is enhanced by impressive dance choreography and Mirror Family artists whose unique fusion of structure and body movements create visual illusions that are simply spectacular.

VIVALDIANNO RELOADED 2019 world tour presents a 3D concert show full of emotions and modern technology.  Bookings open now.

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